EMSA E PR EM 0220 220.0kVA/176.0kW New Diesel Generator

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10 kVA New Diesel Generator

EMSA E PR EM 0220 220.0kVA/176.0kW New Diesel Generator

220.0kVA / 176.0kW

220.0kVA standby /200.0 kVA prime power.

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Emergency Standby Power: Emergency standby power, provided by diesel generators, acts as a backup during power outages. These generators kick in swiftly during emergencies, ensuring continuity for critical operations. Ideal for homes, businesses, and industries, their usage duration should be limited to prevent wear. Strict standards like NFPA 110 ensure their reliability.

Prime Rated Power: Prime rated power generators serve as primary power sources, especially in remote locations. These diesel generators handle varying loads over extended periods, making them perfect for sites without grid access. Commonly mobile, they're crucial for mining, construction, and energy industries, offering consistent, prime-rated power supply.
Continuous Operation Power: Continuous operation generators offer non-stop, stable power output, especially where grid access is inconsistent or expensive. These generators operate at a consistent 100% load, making them indispensable for remote mining, military, or farming sites. Unlike prime-rated generators, they don’t vary in power, ensuring unwavering power delivery.

Tech Specs

kVA(ESP): 220
kVA(PRP): 200
kW: 160
Hz: 50
RPM: 1500
Phase: 3
Voltage: 400
Engine: Perkins
Alternator: EMSA EGK280-170N
Controller: Datakom SMART 500-MK2
Battery Charger:
Jacket Water Heater:
Fuel Tank: Yes

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